Do you know when unit tests start to be integration tests? I bet you will be surprised!

This catchy title came from my interviewer experience. One of the questions I ask during the interviews is as follows: “In what cases do we say about the unit test that it is already an integration test”. Most candidates can easily name one case, but there are few more. A good source of knowledge in … Read more

Dive Into Refactoring from – Review

Recently I was doing a course on and got the idea to add another series on my blog. This time it will be a series about reviews of materials that fall into my hands. The interactive course from called Dive Into Refactoring will be the first review. Course content The course presents various … Read more

Unit tests fundamental topics part 2

This post is part of Roadmap for unit tests, if you haven’t seen it yet, please read it to have clear picture of unit tests topics that I find useful. We continue unit tests fundamental topics, this time with practical aspects such as frameworks, naming conventions, and unit test elements that are good to know … Read more

Roadmap for unit tests

I appreciate roadmaps for allowing me to get an idea of what topics are currently considered worth learning and where my knowledge can be improved. I have seen many good roadmaps for backend, frontend or c# language but I couldn’t find such a map for unit tests. That’s why I decided to prepare my own. … Read more


In my work, I always try to deliver the best quality software within a reasonable time. It has resulted in the acquisition of many good practices that I would like to share with you. Especially writing unit tests has gained recognition in my work. Tests allow you to eliminate bugs, write high-quality code and refactor … Read more