Roadmap for unit tests

I appreciate roadmaps for allowing me to get an idea of what topics are currently considered worth learning and where my knowledge can be improved. I have seen many good roadmaps for backend, frontend or c# language but I couldn’t find such a map for unit tests. That’s why I decided to prepare my own.

This is a roadmap for unit tests with c# for 2021. Its content may be considered useful in other languages as well. When preparing it, I used knowledge from the books listed on the books page, so I recommend you to have a look there.

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To make this roadmap complete, I would like to clarify some concepts. Due to roadmap size and complexity, I will divide topics into 3 parts and describe them in detail in subsequent posts.

You can find them here

What do you think about my roadmap? Would you add any points? If you consider it valuable, please leave a comment below and share it with others! It helps me verify whether such knowledge is needed by others.

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